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Does my child need vision therapy?
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Approximately 90% of children who experience learning difficulties suffer from one or more problems with their eyesight.  Far too often, these problems remain undiagnosed, causing a great deal of needless frustration for children and their parents.

Unlike other many other kinds of ailments, children will rarely complain of vision problems.  A child suffering from visual impairments may never know that their perception differs from those around them.  This makes it particularly important to increase the awareness of developmental vision problems, and help parents to understand what to look for if they suspect their child may have problems with his or her vision.

The following checklist is a good start in determining whether your child may have problems with their eyesight.  

Signs that may indicate a vision problem:

Below grade level in reading
Slow/difficult time reading
Complains that words move around on the page.
Avoids close work
Vision is worse at the end of the day
Labeled ADD/ADHD, LD or dyslexic

If you checked off one or more of the above symptoms, it is possible your child is struggling with a vision-based learning problem that could be corrected. To eliminate doubt, call to schedule a developmental vision examination.