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Whether your child is struggling with reading, achieving their potential, or has other visual complaints, we hope that you will find what you are searching for on our site.

Vision problems affect one out of four children and 60% of children who struggle with reading.

Does homework take forever? Does your child have difficulty paying attention or staying on task? I would like to share a few stories with you which I hope will give you some hope.

Aside from having difficulty with reading, what else do these 4 children have in common?

  • Sammy was a very slow reader. Despite working with a tutor twice a week for over a year, he still continued to struggle.
  • Eric had trouble paying attention and his parents were uncomfortable with putting him on ADHD medication which the doctor had recommended. Homework took forever and there were constant battles to keep him on task.
  • Jenny was gifted in math but was 2 years behind in reading. She would skip words and had difficulty understanding what she read. The bottom line – she hated reading. But she seemed to do better when she was read to.
  • Aaron was insecure and moody. Other children in his private school classes teased him because he could not read or write. Even though an IQ test placed him above average, he’d say, “I’m too stupid” or “I can’t do it” when asked to do reading, writing, or arithmetic.

Each of these children struggled with undiagnosed vision problems (even though they passed the vision screening). Now each of these children are excelling because the vision problems were fixed. We are working hard to educate our patients and people in the community, that the standard vision screening only tests for distance vision and doesn’t tell us if a child has all the visual skills required for reading and learning.

The visual demands on our children require more than just being able to see a certain size of letter on the eye chart from a distance of 20 feet (“20/20”). In fact, 80% of learning depends upon good vision. So it is important that parents understand the signs and symptoms of vision problems that interfere with learning.

We are dedicated to making sure that all the children in the Boise and surrounding areas have all the visual skills required for reading and learning. If your child is having any difficulty with reading or just not performing to potential, please schedule an appointment today.